So if you even remotely follow me here at Love The Day, you know I am a huge Diet Coke lover (see instagram post). I’m not a drink five-a-day type of lover, but a weekly Diet Coke on crushed ice with a fresh lime type of lover. I don’t drink for the pick-me-up, but for the taste. I think it’s the most delicious thing on the planet. And I’m sure if you are a blog reader, you have heard and tried the latest Diet Coke trend, Dirty Diet Cokes. This little concoction is pretty much the work of angels. It is so, so good. I’ll share how to make in a second.

First let me tell you about this amazingly darling blue caddy I found on Wayfair. Wayfair has these crazy awesome daily sales where you can find products up to 70% off.  This caddy was featured as one of their daily sales and the price was too ridiculous not to buy! I thought it would make the most perfect little drink station for an upcoming party. So a transaction happened, my cute caddy arrived and the station was created immediately. I’m obsessed with it. And I’m obsessed with Wayfair’s daily sales. How awesome would the outdoor games show below (on sale today!) be at my party along with the drink station?! Ohh I’m in trouble!

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Dirty Diet Coke Drink Station with Wayfair by Love The Day
Sugar Free Coconut Syrup
Diet Coke
Crushed Ice

Now order is key here. Ice goes first. I like a lot of it. Then comes the coconut syrup. I say two or three good squirts will do the trick and then a good squeeze of a lime wedge. Add your Diet Coke and stir, blending all those fabulous flavors together and you have yourself a little piece of heaven. Sip slowly with a straw for maximum enjoyment!

Dirty Diet Coke Drink Station with Wayfair by Love The Day Dirty Diet Coke Drink Station with Wayfair by Love The Day Dirty Diet Coke Drink Station with Wayfair by Love The Day Summer Lawn Games


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  • Aimee

    That caddy?! Oh my word, it’s cute! I love Wayfair, but those daily sales get me in all sorts of trouble. :)

  • Moms & Munchkins

    I love that caddy! This is such a smart idea for a summer party.