With St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks away, I thought I would create a little shamrock garland to spruce up my mantel. In truth, my real purpose was to test out my new baby, the Cricut Explorer. With this new machine, I can illustrate my own designs, upload to Cricut Design Space as an svg (graphic design talk) and the Explorer will cut them out for me. Awesomesauce. For my first project,  I thought I would start simple and design pendant banners and shamrocks and let the Cricut do the rest. First of all, I was so surprised by how easy the whole process was. I uploaded, pressed go and BAM! Perfectly cut shapes ready to be assembled. My hands thanked me and my scissors cried.

Now it is not necessary to have the Cricut Explorer to create this banner (although highly recommend it). You can download FREE templates to both the Pendants and Shamrocks to print, trace (use like a stencil) and cut out yourself. To assemble, follow the photo instructions below.

And lucky for you fabulous readers, click here to purchase your Cricut Explorer and receive FREE SHIPPING!

Shamrock Garland Template & Tutorial by Love The Day Shamrock Garland Template & Tutorial by Love The Day



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  • Jeanine

    Simple, easy, affordable, & pinned–thank you;)

  • Renee @ CreativeMamaMessyHouse

    I just made myself an all shamrock banner using scissors and man did my hands not like me for it. One day I hope to have a cutting machine (maybe I’ll get one for birthday/Christmas?) but until then its the old-fashioned way for me.