When I was a little girl, I was completely obsessed with the Nancy Drew series. I loved going to the library and picking those classic yellow-bound books from the shelves. I think I read every book it the series. Now that I have girls of my own, it’s so fun to see them get into the same books I loved all those years ago. With that in mind, Jennifer of Double The Fun Parties created and threw the most incredible Nancy Drew Party for her daughter. Over the next few days we will be sharing all the Nancy Drew Party details:: the activities, decorations and dessert table. And just like Jennifer’s other parties (see here, here and here), you are in for a total treat. We are going to start the week off with the activities.

Jennifer masterminded an entire mystery for the guests to solve, “The Case of the Purloined Party Favors!” You can actually purchase a party kit with all the details HERE. I’m going to let Jennifer take it from here to tell you more about the case!

Nancy Drew Party Invitations by Love The Day Nancy Drew Party Detective Activites:: Presenting The Case Solving the Case
When guests arrived, they found a ransom note left at the door with footprints leading away. My girls and I had so much fun finding the biggest letters we could and cutting up magazines to make the ransom note.
Nancy Drew Party:: Printables by Love The Day Nancy Drew Party Capes Each guest was outfitting in detective capes made by Cape Adeline.
Nancy Drew Party Detective Kits Detective kits included everything the girls needed to solve the mystery, including flashlights, magnifying glasses and fingerprint kits. Nancy Drew Detective Kit
Nancy Drew Party Activities:: The Clues Nancy Drew Party Clues A variety of clues were planted around our party space — each one identified as a clue with a “CLUE” circle from Love the Day.
Nancy Drew Party:: Solving The Case Nancy Drew Party:: Solving The Case Nancy Drew Party:: Solving The Case And then, a mysterious telegram arrived …
Nancy Drew Party:: Solving The Case When the guests solved the crime, they “called the police” and spontaneously decided to lock our criminal in the bathroom. Fortunately, my nephew’s fiance was a really good sport! Nancy Drew Party:: Arresting The Villian

You can find the Nancy Drew printable collection HERE.

Nancy Drew Printable Party by Love The Day


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  • Jennifer @ Double the Fun Parties

    Thanks so much for sharing my Nancy Drew party! My daughters would throw this same party for their 9th birthday if I would let them :-) Your printables made it all come together!

  • http://www.thoughtfullysimple.com Tori @ Thoughtfully Simple

    Great details and what a fun theme! I am in love with the capes.

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